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MOMologues 3: The Final Push is now available through Samuel French, the most prestigious company of its kind. The comedy joins The MOMologues and MOMologues 2: Off to School to deliver laughs to moms as they navigate the sometimes hilarious - at times alarming - world of parenting.

Theater companies from across the United States and around the world have already produced the original MOM1 and MOM2 resulting in performances in fourteen states, along with four countries. Many productions were benefits for mothers and children, continuing the longstanding MOMologues tradition of serving up laughs with a side of financial support for deserving local nonprofits.

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The Motherload: MOM's take on the holidays in Samuel French's Breaking Character.

Playwright Stefanie Cloutier is featured in the Concord Patch
UMass Lowell's profile of playwright Sheila Eppolito.
A Boston Globe interview with playwright Lisa Rafferty.
 A shout-out to moms out there, because you know moms everywhere... are getting a good laugh at this. 
 A very, very candid look at motherhood! 
 The hit show showcases the real life status that tells it like it really isÖ A sassy, irreverant, and loving look at the mother of all jobs ... The MOMologues has really hit a nerve with audiences. 
 Reveals the funny, secretive side of having kids! 
 At the show we caught, the audience frequently exploded in laughter

The latest MOMologues premiered at a benefit performance at the Company Theatre in Norwell, MA, offering a night of hilarious comedy about all the fun that is being a mom during the middle school and high school years. Do you think sarcasm and bitterness play a part? Just guess. (We say that with love.)

The cast included Melissa McMeekin (30 Rock, The Fighter), Erica McDermott (The Fighter and Irish Whisper), Company favorite Paula Markowicz and the multitalented Ilyse Robbins. Proceeds benefitted Operation Military Kids, which supports over 13,000 children in Massachusetts.

Melissa McMeekin, Erica McDermott, Paula Markowicz and Ilyse Robbins
Photo by Lisa Rafferty
MOMologues co-creator Lisa Rafferty has teamed up with two other breast cancer survivors - Jane McGovern and Pam Ahl - with a single mission - to find the funny in the breast cancer experience:

The MOMologues: Pink Ribbon Overdose
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In 2010, a one night only performance combining the best material from both the original MOMologues and MOMologues 2: Off to School was performed to benefit the Metro Stage Company in Cambridge, MA. This staged reading offered a frank and funny look at motherhood, featuring WCVB/Channel 5 News Anchor Bianca de la Garza, film actresses and 'sistahs' from The Fighter, Erica McDermott and Melissa McMeekin, Ellie Fund Executive Director Julie Nations and actor-director-choreographer Ilyse Robbins and original MOMologues cast member Cinda Donovan.